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Production Process

SPC flooring production process

Process 1: Burdening and Mixing

According to the proportion of raw materials (raw materials sampling qualified), pour into the high speed mixer hot mixing (hot mixing temperature: about 125℃, the function is to mix all kinds of materials evenly, and eliminate the moisture in the materials) → into the cold mixing (cool the materials to prevent caking and discoloration, and the cold mixing temperature is about 45 ℃) → mix evenly by cooling

Process 2: Extrusion

Add into the twin-screw extruder for heating extrusion → enter the die head of the sheet selected by the customer to extrude the formed sheet, the formed sheet passes through the four roller or five roller calender, and the base material is fixed thickness → pasted with color film → pasted with wear layer → embossed (synchronized with embossing) → cooled → cut;

Process 3: UV

UV treatment is to use modified polyurethane to strengthen the surface of the plank. The treated floor has the functions of anti-pollution, effective absorption of UV, enhancement of wear resistance, resistance to attack, fire resistance and flame retardancy, anti-aging and easy cleaning, etc.

Maijin flooring adopts double UV spraying technology to maximize the service life of the floor.

Process 4: Cutting+Slotting+Pastingunderlayment+Packaging

After the floor is finally cut → slotted → pasted with underlayment → inspected → packaged, it will be delivered to the consumer as soon as possible.

WPC flooring production process

Process 1: Mixing

The main raw materials of WPC decking have WPC plastic, wood powder/bamboo powder, toner, anti-ultraviolet absorbent, compatibilizer. According to production requirements, various raw materials are mixed in a specific proportion to form the base material.

Process 2: Granulation

The next step is granulation. The basic raw materials mixed in the above steps are extruded by high temperature fusion drying. The main function of the granulating equipment is to realize the pre-plasticizing process of wood powder and plastic, and to realize the even mixing of biomass powder material and WPC plastic under the melting condition, so as to carry out the pre-treatment for the production of plastic wood material.

Process 3: Extrusion

After granulation, the extrusion stage is started. In the extrusion process of granular material, the products that meet the customer's requirements are formed through mould. Due to the high temperature of the extruded plastic wood profile , it needs to be manually stacked on the flat ground for cooling.

Process 4: Sanding

Sanding treatment is to remove a layer of plastic skin produced by extrusion of plastic wood profile, so that the plastic wood profile has better wear resistance when it is installed.