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Daily care and maintenance of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is favored by the market in recent years, mainly because it has excellent performance.It uses SPC core for extrusion, and then uses PVC wear layer, PVC color film and SPC core through a one-time heating bonding, embossing to complete without any glue.

Although SPC flooring has many advantages, but pay attention to the maintenance of the floor can better increase the use of comfort.

SPC flooring maintenance tips

A.Cleaning and maintenance after floor laying (before use).

1.First, remove the dust and sundries on the floor surface.

2.After diluted with 1:20 strong general cleaner and water, remove dust and other dirt on the floor surface.

3.Wash and dry with clear water.

B.Daily cleaning and maintenance

1.Dust removal or vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

2.Wet mopping. (dilute with 1:20 water with cleaning floor polish, and mop the floor with a semi-wet mop.)

★ Cleaner: drag dust remover, floor cleaning polish.

★ Tools: dust push, mop.

C.Treatment of special dirt

1.Oil stain: pour the water-based degreaser stock solution directly onto the towel and wipe it.

2.Black glue mark: spray cleaning wax with high speed polishing machine and white polishing pad. For the long-term black glue mark, you can directly pour the strong black glue mark remover on the towel to wipe.

3.Glue or chewing gum: use the professional strong degumming agent to directly pour it on the towel and wipe it off.

★ Detergent: water based degreaser, spray cleaning and maintenance wax, strong black glue mark remover, strong adhesive remover.